Since Massachusetts' Film & Television Production Incentive became law in 2006, over 230 productions have filmed in over 220 cities and towns, together spending more than $2.4 billion in Massachusetts. By making Massachusetts a leading filmmaking destination, the Production Incentive supports thousands of families with good-paying jobs and helps countless small businesses throughout the Commonwealth

But under current law, the program is scheduled to end in 2022, which would kill this local industry and cost thousands of workers their good jobs and career opportunities. 2022 may seem like a long time away, but multi-year episodic series are making decisions NOW about whether to come to Massachusetts long-term. If action isn’t taken soon, the Film & Television Production Incentive will end and the local film and television industry, along with its jobs and contributions to our economy, will disappear

Legislation co-sponsored by 114 out of 200 state legislators – H.2419 (Rep. Chan) and S.1728 (Sen. Moore) – would eliminate the sunset of the Film & Television Production Incentive program, and protect the jobs and economic benefits it creates.

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