The Film & Television Production Incentive program continues to create thousands of jobs and support local businesses here in the Commonwealth.

The Film & Television Production Incentive provides a tax credit for the costs related to the production of films and television programs produced and shot here in Massachusetts. Since the Film & Television Incentive became law in 2006, over 230 productions have filmed in over 220 cities and towns, together spending more than $2.4 billion in Massachusetts.

The film and television productions brought here by the incentive program have a deep and widespread impact on the state’s economy, growing a vibrant industry and employing thousands of local residents who live, work, and pay taxes in our communities. These are some of the benefits.

Larger productions by major Hollywood studios and multi-year episodic television series employ more local workers, use more local businesses, and are the engine of growth for the industry in Massachusetts. Because they keep coming back, they have established a significant footprint here and solid working relationships with hundreds of local film and television professionals and thousands of local businesses.

The film tax credit has made Massachusetts a leading film-making destination, supporting thousands of local families and creating a local industry that helps countless small businesses in cities and towns all across this state.