More than 2-dozen Massachusetts colleges and universities have academic programs in film, television, and media production. There are now over 4,000 film and media students who now have a career path in Massachusetts. These students no longer have to look out of state for jobs.  They can stay here and work for local production companies, post production facilities, and visual effects companies among others. 

View a letter signed by academic leaders from 15 Massachusetts higher education institutions in support of H.2419 and S.1728.

Catriona Baker, Chair of Animation & Motion Media, Lesley University

“In 2016 the Lesley Art Design Animation and Motion Media Department was given a $7 million-dollar anonymous gift to expand our department to include Visual Effects and Special Effects so that our students have the tools needed to grow careers in the film and television industry. If the industry leaves Massachusetts the majority of our graduating students will also move out of state to follow the work.”

Kelvin Barros Andrade, Production Assistant (Graduate of Suffolk University, 2016)

“I was born and raised in Dorchester, but when I graduated from Suffolk, where I studied film and broadcast journalism, I immediately wanted to pack my bags and get out to Los Angeles. I soon discovered the many films and TV series that are currently being filmed here in the area. I am now working as a Production Assistant on a feature film here in Massachusetts. In just my first two days on the job I met dozens of local crew members. I was blown away by vast amount of different positions and all the preparation that went into filming just one scene.”

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