Film and television productions have a significant impact on a local economy, from buying goods and services from small businesses to donating to local initiatives.  Over 265 cities and towns have benefited from the Film & Television Incentive program in which productions have bought goods and services from thousands of local businesses.  That totals over 75% of all cities and towns.

 For example, Paramount’s Shutter Island pumped $22 million into the state’s economy, with $11.4 million to local vendors and $2.6 million to area hotels. And Disney’s The Finest Hours bought or rented goods and services from more than 1,300 Massachusetts small businesses in 155 cities and towns, including $1.7 million for nearly 13,400 nights at local hotels. The recent film Honest Thief produced in the Worcester area bought or rented goods from 950 Massachusetts businesses in 134 cities and towns throughout the state, with 330 of those businesses in Worcester alone.

The economic impact directly on the cities and towns in which productions shoot can also be dramatic. In the Orange area alone, the Hulu series Castle Rock spent over $750,000 on just location fees to local businesses, residents, and the town. Warner Brother’s Live By Night paid the city of Lawrence and businesses $330,000 during the two-week period they needed to film there giving the city and small businesses a boost. And the city of Malden received $200,000 from Patriot’s Day, earmarking the revenue to help pay for programs for domestic violence, teen enrichment, for track scholarships at the high school and more.