Student Media Summit

PitchFest Guidelines


Pitch your upcoming project! 

Friday, October 4th. 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

Get feedback from industry professionals. 

 Cash Prizes awarded for 1st place pitch ($1,000) & 2nd place ($500) at Student Media Summit.


How to Apply

Deadline to submit: Wednesday, Sept. 25th, 5:00pm

Complete the form below, include your contact info and the written version of your pitch.

If your project is selected for the PitchFest you will receive confirmation by Monday, Sept 30th. Due to time restraints, only a limited number of submissions can be selected to pitch.

If you receive notice that your submission has been selected, please confirm that you will be in attendance to pitch. You will pitch to a panel of industry professionals at the Student Media Summit with an audience of fellow film students.

Your written and verbal pitch must follow this format: 

The total length of your verbal pitch is 2 minutes. Written synopsis a max of 250 words.

Your pitch should be focused entirely on the story of your project. Please include the following: 

  • The genre & world of your project.

  • Your story’s protagonist(s).

  • The goal they wish to achieve and central conflict or obstacle(s) they face.

  • The beginning / middle / end of your film.

Your pitch should NOT include:

  • Descriptions of specific shots

  • Specific production details (locations, props, wardrobe, color palettes, etc)

  • Challenges you anticipate in the production of the film.

For more information, visit the Student Media Summit event page.

PitchFest Submission Form

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Limit 250 words.