Manchester By The Sea

Throughout its theatrical run 'Manchester by the Sea' pulled at heart strings with its aching story winning 2 Academy Awards (Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay) among many other accolades along the way. 

For Massachusetts, the local impact has been felt in numerous ways and continues as the film resonates with audiences across the globe and moves to its digital home on Amazon. 

The film was shot entirely in Massachusetts in 7 cities and towns including: Beverly, Essex, Gloucester, Lynn, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Middleton, and Tewksbury.

During the 4 months that 'Manchester by the Sea' was made:

  • The production bought or rented goods and services from 850 small businesses in 106 local cities and towns.
  • The production employed over 300 Massachusetts residents including crew, principal, and background actors.

Recognition for Local Crew Members

  • Carolyn Pickman (Location Casting) was distinguished with an Artios Award from the Casting Society of America. 
  • Claire Folger (Unit Still Photographer) was nominated in the Publicist Awards from the International Cinematographers Guild.
  • Location Managers Kai Quinlan and Alex Berard were recognized with award nominations from the Location Managers Guild International. 

Tourism & Global Press for Cape Ann

  • The MA Film Office and MA Office of Travel & Tourism have produced a terrific guide to visiting locations North of Boston. View it here
  • Numerous global publications have profiled Cape Ann towns and locations to encourage visitors. Among them, Travel + Leisure highlights "How to Visit the Real Manchester By The Sea" in a great piece here