Film Set Day at the State House

Film Set Day at the State House

On February 16th, MPC organized a special event for state legislators and policy leaders to go behind the scenes and experience the dynamic film and media industry growing in Massachusetts. 

Over 100 local crew members and vendors created exhibitions guiding lawmakers and their staff through the process of a major film and television production. The departments represented ranged from locations and pre-production; to set construction and props; art and costume; casting and talent; makeup and stunts; shooting; post-production and visual effects; education; hospitality; catering; education and many more. 

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This immersive experience offered lawmakers a unique opportunity to learn about the positive impact of the state's film and television incentive program first-hand from local businesses, crew members, and creative and technical specialists that are part of the industry. 

Over 300 legislators, their staff, and policy leaders attended. State House insiders are calling “Film Set Day” one of the most creative and impactful industry advocacy events they've attended. We're grateful for the state's support of our thriving industry and the opportunity to share this experience with them. 

Watch the video below to go behind the scenes!