Mass Media Expo Talks

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Miss these great conversations? Panels and talks from Mass Media Expo are now online!

Videos of the Expo talks are available from WGBH Forum Network. Also check out 2 special podcast episodes from Go Creative Show recorded live on the Expo floor!

Want more? Watch visit our channel on Forum Network for a collection of past talks.


Christopher Keyser: What it Means to be a Showrunner

Acclaimed writer and executive producer, Christopher Keyser is the showrunner of Netflix’s The Society and former president of the Writer’s Guild of America West. He shares insights into the industry and what it means to be a showrunner today.


Cord Cutters, OTT, VOD, WTF?

In a media landscape with more choices than ever before, the consumer is clearly in control and they want what they want, when they want it. In this talk we hear from Girlboss, Funny or Die, and Digitas on how publishers in today’s entertainment world are producing compelling content that connects.


Branded Content & Storytelling

Branded entertainment is on the rise, with companies partnering on and funding short, episodic and feature narratives and documentaries. Our panelists from Zero Point Zero, Sub-Genre, and Magent Media, believe investing in compelling quality content that makes a connection with audiences, without interruption, is the best place to start.


Go Creative Show

Recorded live on the Expo floor! Go Creative Show presents energetic chats with speakers, exhibitors, and industry players in the crowd.

Live Podcast Part 1

Visit the Go Creative Show website for a list of interviews in this episode.

Live Podcast Part 2

Visit the Go Creative Show website for a list of interviews in this episode.