Annual Review & Updates

Annual Review & Updates

The past year has been a remarkable one for our industry. As the page turns to 2018, a new year brings with it new opportunities to grow. We want to take a moment to reflect on a few highlights from 2017 and share some special updates with a look ahead. 

As a global industry, content streams bringing diverse stories and productions of all shapes and sizes continue to grow. Wether major productions for feature films and episodic series, documentaries and commercials, or web native content - together we are building an economy and culture where Massachusetts has the opportunity to have a voice and grow as a destination for the creation and production of film and media of all kinds. 

Member Updates

Film & Television Tax Incentive

In 2017 we successfully lobbied with numerous advocacy campaigns to fight challenges, build support, and protect the state's Film & Television Tax Incentive program, ensuring our industry can continue to thrive. We remain constant in our work to build legislative support, and will continue to inform and work together through the state budget and beyond in 2018.

  • We kicked off 2017 with a special "Film Set Day" event at the State House attended by over 300 legislators, staff, and state officials. 
  • Through the state budget process we successfully lobbied against proposals that would negatively impact the incentive program.
  • In late 2017 and throughout 2018, we are organizing in-district events, set visits, and meetings with key legislators to build support by introducing them to workers, vendors, and organizations in their districts that are part of, and impacted by, the growing film and media industry. These small group informational settings provide a unique opportunity to increase and energize our supporters in state government. 
  • In the past year local film and media production grew sharply across the board. In major productions alone, over 32 films and television projects filmed or are still in progress, including our first scripted series in 30 years! This remarkable success is a direct result of our advocacy to keep the economic climate favorable for film and media production of all kinds.

Community & Programs

MPC's programs are growing! We're especially proud of the kinds of impact and opportunities these create. Wether through visiting speakers, featuring local work, or facilitating connections - we are shaping a new era of thought leadership about the industry that makes Massachusetts unique. 

  • In 2017 we reached over 1,500 combined attendees across our programs and events including: MPC Member Meetings, Workshops, and the 5th annual Mass Media Expo
  • We brought back the PA Workshop, attended by 75 remarkable young people from diverse backgrounds to train for on-set work. And co-presented a new student film showcase with IFFBOSTON to support our future filmmakers. 
  • We launched a new website and membership system, which is giving our industry a fresh and robust identity, with a helpful place to connect through a new member network
  • If you're new to MPC (or missed out on the action) you can scan the event page to see the kinds of talks and professional development opportunities we shared. 
  • We also formed a first-ever MPC Higher Education Consortium with leaders from universities and colleges with degree film and media programs across Massachusetts. We're excited to work with these inspiring leaders in academia to foster a new era of collaboration between higher education institutions and the industry. Watch for formal announcements about this exciting development soon!

Some tough news to share.

Please take a moment to read about the end of Mass Cultural Council's Adams Arts fund in 2017 from this announcement. That crucial seed funding which has supported our initiatives and programs for many years has been game-changing. We are a MUCH larger, more dynamic industry and organization as a result of what we've achieved together through that funding. 

Moving forward in 2018 your support is critical. 

Our rapidly growing community will rely on your commitment through membership and financial support to continue our bold vision and dedicated work to expand the possibilities for our industry. For the first time in many years, MPC and the many initiatives outlined above will depend principally on your support. 

The stewardship of this work belongs to members and stakeholders like you who share a vision that working together makes the difference, advances opportunities for our industry, and has the ability to shape the future. Your inspired effort to support can make this possible. 

We're excited to work together and build a bright future with you in 2018!