MPC Recognizes Massachusetts Cultural Council

With our deepest appreciation of your longstanding support and commitment to the Massachusetts Film and Media Arts community.

At Mass Media Expo on November 4th we were thrilled to have the opportunity to recognize an early and crucial supporter of MPC and our industry. 

From 2005 - 2017 the Mass Cultural Council has supported creative economy initiatives through its visionary Adams Arts Program. This program provided essential seed funding that made the development of MPC, and our programs and initiatives possible. Simply put, MPC would not be the organization it is today, and the work of developing our industry would not have experienced the success that it has without the support of Mass Cultural Council.

Some highlights of the impact this funding created:

  • Research and writing of 2 industry economic impact studies
  • Funding for staff and administrative support
  • Quarterly MPC Member Meetings
  • Seminars and workshop training programs
  • Annual Mass Media Expo events
  • Campaign to support local commercial production
  • Print and production guides

These initiatives have supported and brought together the very broad spectrum of film, television and media industry members in the state. And they have been essential to boosting the economic climate for the robust film and media community we now have.

To put this in perspective, since 2013 through MPC's Adams Arts funded programs alone, this has generated attendance of over 7,000 admissions to quarterly MPC Meetings; regular workshops and seminar programs, and the annual Mass Media Expo. 

2017 is the final year of the Adams Arts program as the Mass Cultural Council pursues new initiatives to advance a cultural economic development agenda. We are incredibly grateful for MCC's support through these formative years. We look forward to furthering our industry's work, continuing to be a leading creative economy generator for the Commonwealth while enriching its cultural assets. 

Mass Cultural Council has been the very best kind of supporter. We are especially grateful for the guidance of our program officer Meri Jenkins, who accepted this recognition on behalf of MCC. Throughout their support Meri asked the hard questions, inspired us to base our vision on real data and hard facts; but most importantly she also asked us to dream, encouraged us to take risks, and be bold in our work. 

I believe the policy is written by the people who do the work, not by government. Our role is to support the creative ideas of the people who do it. Not to tell you the way we think you should do it. It made sense, and I hope it made a difference. And I hope out of it comes some work that will be truly phenomenal.
— Meri Jenkins, Massachusetts Cultural Council