Black Math

Black Math was started in 2012 by founders Evan Fellers (Executive Producer) and Jeremy Salhman (Creative Director) after working for agencies and production companies on the east and west coasts. Since then Black Math has grown to become a prolific hive of designers, animators, shooters, and sound artists. Last year they expanded their capabilities moving into a bright new Boston space with 8,000 square feet of creative awesomeness! 

In their own words.. "Black Math makes cool stuff that usually relates to advertising. Our goal is to deliver messages, tell stories, and convey feelings in ways that are intelligent, creative, and unexpected. We are brought to you by the color teal, the number 5, and the taste of donuts."

Tell us about Black Math

What we do changes every day - sometimes we’re a group of directors working on our own projects, sometimes a group of artists working towards a common goal under a cohesive aesthetic, sometimes just a bunch of computer / tech nerds grinding away on something that might sell Pepsi better than the next production company. 

If I was to classify our work, most of it falls into Live Action, Animation, Design, Editorial and Music/Sound. Things we love to do but do less often include curating Live Events, creating Interactive Installations, AR/VR, and Design/Fabrication for a plethora of events, products, and screens of all shapes and sizes. 

What are some of your philosophies as a creative partner and production studio? 

We really try to focus on design first. That used to solely mean we placed a high level of importance on design before production, but has since evolved into the fabric of our company, in the staff we keep and the culture we try to create. I want our employees to feel like the artists they are. I used to feel like everything I did was art, then I slowly realized it was advertising, and then gradually slipped into “oh shit, this is a job”, so I’m very sensitive to that balance with the artists we work with, and it’s important to me that everyone here feels grounded in their artistic roots. Hopefully we express ourselves enough in our work that it feels artistically rewarding, both for us and for our clients.

Click through the slideshow below to take a tour of Black Math!

What are you excited about?

If I had to put my finger on one thing, it’s that we are getting closer and closer to feeling technologically and staff-ily supported enough to create all kinds of radicalness easier than ever before. We have been carefully adding staff now that we’ve moved and have our color suite, audio set-up, stage, and maker space. Combined with the collective knowledge of old and new employees, productions are starting to feel easier to execute at an increasingly elevated level. We anticipate what each other’s needs will be, so the hurdles, while still large, seem to come in more bite-sized chunks.

All this put together makes me believe we are on the cusp of doing our best work ever. Just hunting down that next opportunity and smashing it into something amazing and rewarding for all of us is so satisfying when it happens. What is that next biggie-big job that gets us all stressing and drooling and coming together and then hammers us with pride? I am really excited for that moment. I’m also excited to just continue to come to work each day – I get to work with some pretty awesome people. 

Any parting thoughts?

I am just proud of all of our employees and that we can be a part of this great community. It’s small here in New England, and I'm happy we get to add a different dimension to the local production scene. We really value the area and look forward to what the future brings. Come visit us in our new home! 

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