Advocacy Update: The State Budget & House Bill 62

Advocacy & Public Policy Update
Our Work is Having an Impact!
Over the past 3 months industry members have sent more than 8,000 emails, hundreds of handwritten letters, and reached out personally to call and visit State Senators and Representatives. It has made a huge difference!
Legislators are noting in meetings and to the press about the large number of industry members in their districts they have heard from in opposition to the Governor’s proposal, House Bill 62. This has inspired many of them to work to understand our industry, and consider the impact of the film production tax incentive program more deeply.
MPC continues to work closely in a coordinated effort with our members and fellow industry stakeholders; IATSE Local 481, SAG-AFTRA, Teamsters Local 25 and others – with our allies in the State House and consultants as the issues evolve around upcoming legislative activity.
Status of the Governor’s Proposal House Bill 62

The Governor’s proposal to repeal the film tax incentive is still pending before the Legislature’s Joint Revenue Committee. Our goal is to make sure the Revenue Committee does not vote it favorably out of committee and send it to the legislature. To be clear, there is no specific timeframe yet on when they may make a recommendation or decision. This proposal is still a threat that we must monitor closely and lobby against.

Status of the State Budget
The Governor, House, and Senate have now released their proposed versions of the State Budget. As they stand, the House and Senate budgets do not contain immediate threats to the film tax incentive. The most potentially threatening amendment filed in the Senate Budget process was rewritten and reduced to a proposal to form a “study commission” to examine and report back on potential changes to the composition of the film tax incentive program. The fate of that proposal is not certain yet.
Over the next month, members of the House and Senate will meet privately in conference to resolve their budget differences, and then present a budget to the Governor. The Governor may then approve the budget, send it back for revisions, or veto it. The final state budget should be completed by June 30th for the start of FY2016 on July 1st.
Next Steps and What You Can Do
Specific issues could still arise around the State Budget that we need to respond to, but for now we should continue to advocate against the Governor’s proposal H.62 by continuing to contact our legislators and keep the momentum going.
We have additional advocacy tools and organized grassroots efforts prepared as the need arises and movement in the State House occurs. 
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The State House mailing address: State House, Boston, MA 02133.

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